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    PKBag is a paper bag manufacturer and exporter located in Indonesia. We produce custom printed paper carrier bags, paper sack, laptop bag, gift boxes, retail packaging, holiday wrapping, and other printed products.
    Whether you are a retailer or end-user, we have a solution for your paper bag needs.
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Paper Bag Manufacturer | Wholesale Paper Bag | Carry Shopping Bag

Paper Bag Manufacturer and Exporter

PK Bag is a trusted paper bag manufacturer that was established in 1988. Our variety of the carry shopping bag has won many accolades from many satisfied clients and customers around the world. What makes us a renowned paper bag manufacturer is the success we have had and continue to experience in providing a collection of different high quality, durable and cheap wholesale paper bag products.

As a paper bag manufacturer we realise the role that the paper carry shopping bag plays in reducing environmental pollution that has been the characteristic of plastic bags. Our cheap wholesale paper bag product helps many outlets make considerable savings in packaging costs and resellers do generate sustainable profits.

As a leading paper bag manufacturer we ensure that every carry shopping bag from our company meets international packaging standards. You can therefore go ahead and make us your wholesale paper bag supplier of choice and thus rest assured that you’ll always have high quality carry bags in your establishment.

company profile

PKBag, Perdana KarindoBag, is a company owned privately which was incorporated in Surabaya, Indonesia in 1988. We manufacture and export custom hand-finished paper bags. However, we also supply other printed products; for more details, please check our products section.

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PKBag.com, Paper Bag Manufacturer
PKBag.com, Paper Tape Handle Bag Products
PKBag.com, Paper Bag Manufacturer
PKBag.com, Paper Bag Manufacturer
PKBag.com, Paper Bag Manufacturer
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contact details

PT. Perdana KarindoBag

Paper Bag Manufacturer
Office & Factory
Raya Bambe. Driyorejo. Gresik 61177. Indonesia.
Tel: +(62.31) 7507117/ 7507118. Fax: +(62.31) 7507670
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Website: www.pkbag.com
Postal address
Simpang Darmo Permai Utara 5/25
Surabaya 60226. Indonesia
Tel: +(62.31) 732 8989. Fax: +(62.31) 732 8959

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Paper Bag Manufacturer
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